How to stay fit and healthy

1 workout daily

if you want a good healthy life daily do some exercises or running .you can do a slow start in beginning. Make workout your habit. When you achieve your goal reward yourself for this. It is necessary for life to get your goal on which you are working.

2 Make your willpower strong

In life to start every new task, you should make your willpower strong. To strong your willpower use your imagination. For example, if you imagine you are lying on a peaceful beach your body automatically responds by relaxing.
If instead, you imagine negative your body will tense in response.
You can use this to your advantage in building willpower.

How to stay fit and healthy

3 Eat healthy and clean food

To stay healthy in life you should eat green vegetables and fruits which have good protein and fibre-rich. For healthy life eat a balanced diet which has good protein, good fat and good carbs. Wash your hands always before eating. This habit should teach your children.

4 Do not use the lift, bike or something for every time

For every work do not use a bike or something. For example, if in your office there are two option lift or stairs, you should use stairs to stay fit.

5 sensible about health and illness- when you are not feeling good or having an illness issue you should contact your doctor and get treatment. Always hear your doctors advice.

6 Take good sleep

For healthy life daily take 7 to 8 hours of deep sleep. To get deep sleep you can use some dairy product in your diet like yogurt and buttermilk. By use of the dairy product, you can get good sleep.

7 use fitness app – If you want to track your daily progress use some fitness app. Here are some top fitness app you can use runtastic, asana rebel, mytraing etc these are good apps by using of these you can get a result and also motivate yourself.

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