How to quit smoking weed cigarette naturaly, easily and fast

quit smoking weedwe have reached the twenty-first century here many men and women addicted to smoking. In these days teens also addicted to smoking. so if you want to quit smoking my friend you are at a good platform. You are at a stage where you want to quit smoking but afraid that you will fail.

How to quit smoking 

If you want to reduce smoking at the starting point, you will face these things fractiousness, Anxiety, trouble concentrating, cerebral pains, sustenance longings, craving for cigarettes. Smoking builds the number of nicotine receptors in your mind. When you quit smoking, those receptors keep on anticipating nicotine, and when they don’t get it, they start to change. That alteration procedure is the thing that causes yearnings and withdrawal. So I will tell you how to stay fit these days.

The initial two weeks are basic for your prosperity. On the off chance that you can traverse the initial two weeks your possibility of accomplishment is a lot higher. In this manner, it is vital to give yourself the most obvious opportunity you can during these critical weeks.

During in these days stay busy, start doing a workout, go out with friends and family, watch a movie. Daily drink lots of water. Take deep sleep and deep breathe.

Use ginger –

Ginger contains a substance that helps to prevent cancer. A study says that that ginger have anti-cancer properties.

Eat fiber-rich food in your diet. Eat protein foods, like eggs and chicken.

Do not hang out with a smoker 

If they give you cigarettes say them thank you, I have quit smoking.

Make your will power strong and say to yourself I must quit smoking weed cigarettes.

tips for quit smoking

Take a lemon, salt, and ginger. first of all cut ginger in some pieces and rub lemon on that and sprinkle salt. now dry this mixture for one or two days. now when your brain wanted to smoke cigarettes or your body want nicotine to take 1-2 pieces in your mouth.  suddenly you will see your body don’t require for nicotine.

Why quit smoking- There are many reasons to quit smoking easily. A study says smoking causes more death than HIV aids, road accident. Many smokers die of heart disease and heart stroke rather than lung cancer. Smoking causes diabetes also so you should reduce or quit smoking.

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